Metropolitan has made over 55 investments. We believe that many traditional investment structures do not always match the business goals of growing companies, and we actively seek out unique investment opportunities that are uncorrelated to general market conditions and in areas that are poorly understood, mispriced, or “unloved” for the wrong reasons. Metropolitan prides itself on creating customized deal structures, which align interests with management teams and their existing stakeholders. Our true value-add resides in our active involvement with portfolio companies after an investment is made, as we work very closely with management teams to help them capitalize on dynamic success opportunities. 



We understand that businesses in a growth phase often do not have the required non-financial resources at their disposal when they need access to capital.  If required, Metropolitan has the capacity and willingness to work with management teams to augment and build better and more scalable businesses:

  • Recruit additional talent and board members/advisors
  • Streamline, fortify and scale infrastructure
  • Optimize strategy around opportunities and overcome challenges
  • Prepare companies for future institutional capital