Current Core Investments

Merchant Cash & Capital

MCC is a specialty finance company that provides merchant cash advances to small businesses with short term cash needs by factoring future electronic receivables.


Associates Management Services

AMS provides law firms in the mortgage foreclosure sector the required non-legal, back office processing services, which include title, posting, publishing and recording.


Bluefin Payment Systems

Bluefin (formerly Capital Payments) is the leading provider of customized payment services specifically developed for independent software vendors and their clients in the U.S. and Canada.


AAA Catalytic Recycling

AAA Catalytic Recycling aggregates and processes used automotive catalytic converters from scrapyards and automotive servicing centers.  It extracts the materials inside each catalytic converter that contain precious metals and sells that material to one of the world’s leading chemical companies.


Professional Merchant Advance Capital

ProMac is a specialty finance company that factors future electronic payment receivables. The Company provides merchant cash advance financing to fulfill the working capital needs of healthcare practices by leveraging predictable streams of electronic payments.


FinCo Management

FinCo Management purchases deep subprime automotive Retail Installment Contracts (RICs) from car dealers wishing to extend credit to consumers for the purchase of a motor vehicle. FinCo's unique and innovative platform allows even low volume dealers to take advantage of the very best tools and services in the industry while enabling lenders to invest in high-yield loans with minimized risk.


Select Exited Core Investments

JH Capital Group 

JH Capital Group ("JH") is a leader in the distressed consumer debt purchasing and collection industry with a strong track record acquiring and monetizing debt that is "charged off" (i.e. written down) by banks and credit card companies. Subsequently in 2014, Metropolitan and JH Capital formed a strategic partnership to pursue other opportunities together.


ClearOne Advantage

ClearOne is a full-service debt resolution company providing consumers options in debt settlement for credit cards and other unsecured debts.

Tribeca 10013

Tribeca 10013 is a financial services company that provides benchmarks, data sets and analytics to financial institutions that issue customized structured products and related instruments. The Company experienced rapid growth since being founded in 2008.

Aria International

Aria International Incorporated, a Nevada corporation ("Aria International") (OTC BB: ARAH),focuses on providing specialized surveillance and communications solutions to a global customer base.


EyeLock is an advanced identity management technology solutions company focused on developing next-generation systems for the global access control and identity market. EyeLock has developed a revolutionary portfolio of hardware, software and services that utilize iris biometric technologies to enable governments, businesses and consumers around the world to overcome the extreme challenges of identity management.


Non-Core Investments

The following investments were funded through call-fund vehicles that are outside of the Fund III mandate, from a structure and/or sector standpoint.

Reed Energy

Reed was formed to acquire oil and natural gas producing properties in Southeastern Ohio, including drilling rights in the Utica/Point Pleasant Shale. Reed acquired underdeveloped property that produces oil and gas from conventional wells.

Direct Insite (OTC BB: DIRI)

DIRI provides cloud-based e-invoicing solutions for accounts payable, accounts receivable and payments automation to reduce costs, improve visibility into financial processes, enhance supplier relationships, and capture more supplier discounts.


Green Owl Capital

Green Owl is a hedge fund that combines fundamental US equity analysis with probabilistic option trade structuring, thereby monetizing the discrepancy between the implied probability of a stock price, as expressed by the option market, and Green Owl's fundamental view.

Credit Max

CMAX is a leading financial services company specializing in the purchase and sale of charged-off credit card and consumer receivables. The Company offers leverage financing to its approved clients to enable them to buy portfolios of charged-off credit card debt from top US banks.

Ballista Securities

Ballista was an electronic liquidity pool for equity options and delta-neutral transactions. Specifically designed to aggregate both public and passive liquidity, Ballista offered clients unprecedented efficiency in block option trade execution.

* The names of the companies themselves are confidential and represented by a code name