Metropolitan Partners Group Management is a New York-based, private credit fund manager that provides collateralized loans to small and mid-sized, non-sponsored businesses. Metropolitan’s funds deliver senior-secured, short-term funding to companies that have quality operations, assets and a strong profit opportunity, but lack efficient access to capital.

Metropolitan operates in a highly niche area of the credit markets and the businesses we lend to are going through a period of growth or transition and require flexible capital in order to achieve scale or growth milestones. Our nimble investment size and focus on non-sponsored investment opportunities allow us to lend to companies that other larger companies cannot and benefits our investors from the favorable returns and competitive dynamics available in our space.


Since our firm’s inception in 2008, we have deployed more than $1.4 billion in loans and completed over 115 transactions with companies across a number of business sectors, including financial services, specialty finance, business services, industrial, real estate, media & telecom and agriculture.