Metropolitan focuses on generating current cash flow based on senior-secured debt investments and fractural participations across a diverse portfolio of asset types that tend to have limited correlation to underlying economic conditions. Our team has significant industry expertise and experience in structuring and executing the most flexible financing plan for specialty finance companies to achieve growth acceleration. Metropolitan has a strong history of helping portfolio companies secure incremental balance sheet funding.

Metropolitan pursues investments across multiple consumer and commercial market niches within the broader specialty finance universe including:


  • Asset-Based Loans (Non-Traditional ABL)
  • Equipment Finance and Leasing
  • Factoring (Less Traditional Counter-parties)
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Municipal and Government Receivables


  • Auto Loans
  • Charged Off Consumer Receivables
  • Consumer Leases and Rent To Own
  • Consumer Revolving Loans
  • Retail POS Financing

Metropolitan finances specific growth events for companies and helps them scale their businesses, expand their operations and avoid equity dilution.


  • U.S. based companies with annual revenues of less than $100 million and no controlling institutional investors
  • Businesses with significant assets or recurring/contractual revenues
  • Strong management teams with conviction
  • Businesses with a specific growth event or inflection point
  • Niche focus and compelling value propositions
  • Companies looking for a capital partner than can executive effectively within a tight deadline who require a responsive and decisive lender

Metropolitan finances pools of assets managed by capable servicers that are attached to opportunistic situations with a defined and imminent event. The assets are discrete, unrelated to the imminent event and can be monetized efficiently.